November is here, marking the start of the festive season. Personally, it’s a time of reflection for me, to evaluate personal and professional achievements and setbacks and set year-end goals. My everyday struggle still lies in creating work life balance. Despite what you may have going on, there’s still plenty of time to achieve your goals this year.

Why am I sharing all this? In openly sharing my wellness journey, my hope is for you to realize that those who may seem to have it all together, have their challenging days. What helps me cope with those days, is fueling my mind and body well-being daily through therapy, daily meditation, and nourishing foods.

The result of my own introspection is how this month’s special, the Crystal Clear Serenity Facial, was born. It aims to provide a safe space for self-care. Acknowledging the impact of winter blues, it emphasizes the importance of well-being.

Continuing the self-care theme from the inside out, I share a “Feel Good Hot Chocolate Recipe” from It’s so yummy and perfect for the season (let me know how you like it!)

As we all strive towards amazing things, I wish you all love, health, peace, and an abundance of blessings in your life!